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Engineering Tragedy released to PBS

The documentary film "Engineering Tragedy: The Ashtabula Train Disaster" has been release to PBS. The program was first broadcast by our sponsoring station WQLN-PBS in Erie, PA on Dec. 29, 2022. The documentary is now making its way around to other PBS stations in the country to be broadcast this Spring and Summer.

The documentary was funded by the Ashtabula Foundation, The Robert S. Morrison Foundation, Beacon Productions, and many individual donors.

The documentary film is available as both a two-part mini-series or a stand-alone 2 hour program.

Len and Patti Brown, the executive producers and co-directors of the film, say "this was the largest film project they had ever done. It took 350 actors, extras, and crew four years to film. However, in the end it was worth it because the film really turned out great".

The documentary uses historians, actors, and a narrator to tell the story of the worst bridge collapse and train disaster of the 19th century. To lean more about the film and to find a link to watch it go to

In January of 2023 the documentary was entered into the 2022 Great Lakes Regional Emmy Awards under six different categories. The producers and their team all have their fingers crossed and are hoping it is nominated.


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