House Call Vets Website Goes Live!

Beacon Productions and Ridgeline Entertainment are excited to announce the launch of the official website for House Call Vets, a new reality TV show! In today’s television market, the best shows are driven by great characters, interesting subjects, and great stories. House Call Vets has all of this and more.

Our show stars three incredible ladies. You’ll meet Dr. Julia Morrow and Vet Tech, Jen Nugent. This dynamic duo travel the countryside in a mobile Veterinary Hospital they jokingly call, Victor. Both new moms, together they manage to balance the demands of a job with the joys of family and motherhood. Our other vet is a character in her own right. Dr. Sharmyn Clark is a Harley-riding, free-spirit who has a passion for all living creatures. Not only does she have a barn full of her own animals, she’ll go anywhere and do anything to save an animal in need.

House Call Vets is not a remake of other vet shows like The Incredible Dr. Pol or Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, both of which air on National Geographic Channel. This show is a more intimate portrayal of the emotional connection we have with our pets and the dedicated Vets who love and treat them. We take our cameras into people’s homes and capture the range of emotions that happen when a beloved pet is sick or when they don’t behave as expected. Anything can happen when our Vets show up on someone’s doorstep.

Added to the mix is the unpredictable environment of Northeast Ohio where wilderness bumps up against small cities. It’s not uncommon for our Vets to be called upon to treat wild animals that get into trouble and need help. Wildlife rescues can be either dramatic or comical depending on the situation.

Since both of our veterinarians run their practices from their homes, you’ll get an intimate look at the lives of these dedicated ladies and the pets and owners they serve. With a job that requires them to be on call 24/7, there is no end to the stories they can tell.

Ride along as these doctors encounter fur, fangs, and fun. It’s a tail-wagging good time!

© 2014 by Beacon Productions, LLC.


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