House Call Vets Sizzle Reel In Production

On June 4th and 5th our crew began shooting the sizzle reel for “House Call Vets” with veterinarian Dr. Julia Morrow and her vet tech – Jen Nugent. Dr. Morrow owns a vet mobile she and Jen lovingly call “Victor.” This mobile vet hospital is loaded with high tech equipment to meet the needs of the many animals they serve, including a surgery suite in the back end of the vehicle.

Our first day of shooting took us to “Paws and Prayers,” located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Paws and Prayers is a foster recue service that works hard to find homes for the many cats and dogs in northeast Ohio that need them. While the animals wait to find homes they are placed in foster homes, which are provided by hundreds of volunteers.

During the animals transition to permanent loving homes they must be examined, tested for disease and then spayed or neutered. This is where Dr. Morrow and Jen Nugent come in!

Throughout the day a parade of puppies, kittens and adult cats and dogs were taken into the mobile vet unit for treatment. According to the director of Paws and Prayers, Jen D’Aurelio, the service the mobile vet provides is fantastic. “Dr. Morrow comes right to our door, so it saves us from the difficult logistics task of loading all these animals into several vehicles and taking them to a clinic.”

During our time with the mobile vet, we saw a dog named Colonel, a nippy land shark, get a suspected cancerous toe removed. There were also a number of spay and neuters. One dog with bad teeth got a cleaning and a few old teeth extracted.

Our next day of shooting involved interviews with the cast and then a ride to Canton, OH to make a few house calls on local dogs and cats there.

Co-Producer and Director of Photography - P.J. Mazingo did some great work taking charge of the shoot and got some spectacular shots with his new DJI Phantom Quadcopter, complete with GoPro camera and image stabilization.

Our next shoot will be July 8-10, 2014 and will take us on the road to Chagrin Falls, Ohio with cast member Dr. Sharmyn Clark. She works with dogs, cats, pocket animals and local wildlife.

Recently Dr. Clark rescued an American Bald Eagle that was taken to a local wildlife rehabilitation center. She also took a squirrel from someone’s house! She said that crazy squirrel made some parts of the house look like it had been robbed.

You never what will happen during the adventures of the House Call Vets.

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