Filming Engineering Tragedy - "The Big Dig"

Some of you might remember at the end of last summer we did a project called "The Big Dig." A team of historians, geophysicists and archeologists went to the Ashtabula train disaster wreck site in an attempt to find and recover an angle block that was found three years ago. The angle block was too large and heavy to remove by hand at that time so it was reburied with the plan to recover it another day. However, heavy rains and ice moved the object and it was lost.

The purpose of the trip and investigation you will see in the video was to recover that lost angle block from the old Ashtabula Bridge that collapsed on Dec. 29, 1876 causing Train #5 the Pacific Express to crash into the gorge and kill 97 people. If we find the angle block it will be sent to Case Western Reserve University's Engineering Lab to be studied. Will the American Society of Engineers investigation of 1877 agree with modern science or could the disaster have been caused by something else? What other artifacts from the wreck will we find?

Here is the video from that expedition! Sorry it took me so long to finish it and get it posted. Besides Vimeo, this video is also on Youtube.

Check out the videos here:


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