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Dr. Julia Morrow

Dr. Sharmyn Clark

Jen Nugent - Vet Tech



House Call Vets - Show Opener

House Call Vets - In This Episode

Dr. Julia and Jen Character Reel #1

Dr. Charmyn Clark Character Reel #1

Dr. Julia and Jen Character Reel #2 - Paws & Prayers

Producers For This Show:

Doug Stanley

Len Brown

P.J. Mozingo


Don’t stress your pet, call the House Call Vets!

Join Dr. Sharmyn Clark, Dr. Julia Morrow and vet tech Jen Nugent as they make house calls to homes around Northeast Ohio.

Dr. Morrow has a mobile vet unit and works with Jen Nugent, while Dr. Clark enjoys riding in her special van. However, sometimes you can find her riding her Harley Davidson delivering perscriptions.

Every day is different and you never know what to expect during the adventures of these house call vets! Check out the website here:

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