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This new documentary film will explore life after death by interviewing those who have journeyed to the other side. Heaven or Hell!  Some scientists and doctors say these experiences are simply endorphins and other chemicals being released into the brain as the body  shuts down causing hallucinogenic / dream like experiences. Others say this can’t be true. Dreams are different for each person based on their hopes, fears, beliefs and life experiences. However, those who have had near death experiences or who have died and been resuscitated all experience similar things, therefore maybe these experiences can’t be dreams. Near death experiences cross cultures and countries. Even Atheists who did not believe in God have had the Heaven or Hell experience, including a few atheist physicians.  So what is  the truth? We will explore both sides of this scientific and religious argument then allow you to decide.

Is there such a place called Heaven?

Is there such a place called Hell?

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